2 to 5 players
Length of a game: 30+ minutes per player.
– Softcover pocket book, 10,8×17,5cm, 42 pages, color cover, black and white interior
– PDF 42 pages

There are some everyday instants, some fleeting blisses you share with others and let you have a taste of sweetness and bitterness. Happy Together invites you to spend a few instants working together to live these moments of calm and melancholy. You will walk in the shoes of characters who try to make their dreams come true, in a setting you will build and contemplate together.


Happy Together is a role-playing game for 2 to 5 players in which you will play characters to tell a story together. The book contains everything you need to play, including rules to play on the go (in a car, outside a café, at the beach,…).

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Ressources :

Vessel Sheet (Character Sheet) (PDF)

They talk about it (in French) :

La Cellule – Podcast « Bonus » N°18 : Interviews à Eclipse 14 (audio podcast)
Radio Rôliste #67 (audio podcast)
La Cellule – Actus du jeu de rôle indépendant (Juin 2017) (video)

To get a better idea of the game, you can read game reports, in French again, on the Ateliers Imaginaires forum:

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To talk about the game and share your experience about it, feel free to join the French community Courants Alternatifs, most of us know enough English to be happy to have you on board.